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July 6, 2023

Driving Sustainability in Wealth Management: Hollow Brook’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

By Green Business Benchmark°

Hollow Brook Wealth Management is a boutique multi-client family office dedicated to responsibly growing and protecting their clients’ capital while delivering a top-tier luxury, holistic client service experience. Recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability, Hollow Brook has used Green Business Benchmark°’s software to incorporate sustainability across their organization. 

Embracing Sustainable Practices

At Hollow Brook, the commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere rhetoric. They have implemented several Green Business Benchmark° initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices. For example, they have incorporated reusable bags into their client gifting, new client and employee onboarding, and marketing items. This small step aims to reduce single-use plastic waste and start building a mindful culture of sustainability. 

Another initiative they have undertaken is becoming paperless in their operations. They actively engage with their partners, urging them to embrace electronic notices and letters. While they may face some challenges in getting their partners to adopt this initiative, this demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and the need for cooperation even outside an organization.

Creating a Sustainable Workspace

Hollow Brook understands that organizational-wide sustainability starts in the office. Here are some sustainability initiatives they have incorporated into their office practices:

  • Adopted a hybrid remote/in-office work model, reducing commuting and carbon footprint

  • Encourage energy-saving practices such as turning off lights and computer systems when not in use

  • Prioritize using natural sunlight over fluorescent lighting

  • Ensure all materials are recycled properly

  • Installing a filtered water cooler in their office, thus eliminating the use of single-use plastic water bottles

Engagement and Giving Back

Hollow Brook’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their office operations. They actively seek out volunteer opportunities and partnerships with local sustainable organizations. Their Green Team raises awareness about green volunteer opportunities and events for employees and their families to participate in. 

In addition to volunteer work, Hollow Brook has a strong focus on philanthropy. They have an annual charitable matching program that supports various sustainability-missioned organizations. 

What’s Good For the Planet is Good For Business

Hollow Brook Wealth Management stands out as a leader in the wealth management industry due to its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Implementing initiatives like reusable grocery bags, paperless operations, energy-efficient practices, and community engagement, not only enhances its reputation as a socially and environmentally conscious firm but also aligns with its investment strategy’s focus on the sustainable energy transition.

As Hollow Brook continues to evolve and seek new ways to enhance their sustainable practices, they serve as an inspiration to clients and industry peers alike. By integrating sustainability into the core of its operations, Hollow Brook is driving positive change in wealth management and proving that financial growth and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

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