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February 16, 2023

USPA Nationwide Security: Green Business Benchmark° Certified Security Guard and Firewatch Provider

By Green Business Benchmark°

Value-Driven Nationwide Security

USPA Nationwide Security is a US-based security guard company providing services such as security officers, bodyguards, fire watch security services, armed guards, traditional security watchmen, and fire guards. They have earned the business of U.S. and foreign government clients for one simple reason – value comes first, giving away 50% of business profits.

Through this dedication to social responsibility and sustainability, USPA Nationwide Security has achieved Platinum Certification with Green Business Benchmark°.

Supporting the Environment and Society

USPA Nationwide Security is a full-service physical security and fire watch provider, operating across 16 countries. Services range from unarmed, uninformed security service to their ultra-premium Titanium Executive Protection and Bodyguard service, providing bodyguard solutions, close protection convoy security, and path-finding services in high-risk zones.

USPA is built with one mission: To work hand-in-hand with clients to solve complex security challenges in ways that minimize risk. With this mission in mind, the brand’s world-class security experts become part of their client’s security team to tailor services toward their clients’ needs.

Their driving value is protecting people – which means placing the needs of society and the environment on a pedestal.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Net zero is an important goal for USPA as it’s the best way we can do our part to help tackle climate change” – Danial ManningNationwide Security

USPA Nationwide Security has successfully instituted sustainability initiatives to achieve its goal of net zero such as:

  • Reducing scope 3 emissions via becoming a completely remote company, requiring no office space or regular transportation to/from work.

  • Completing an energy audit/assessment and using results to develop a comprehensive energy use and conservation plan with measurable goals that optimize energy use and reduce emissions.

  • Offering employee incentive programs for the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles.

USPA is working on transitioning its vehicle fleet to be fully electric. Their Titanium service currently features ballistic-rated Tesla and Mercedes EVs (2022 Mercedes Benz EQS 450+).

USPA is also working to establish an autonomous security division that will implement drone technology. This means patrols can be conducted from one green energy-efficient drone rather than vehicles or machines powered by fossil fuels.

USPA understands that the way forward is through clean, renewable energy. They want to stay ahead of the curve in the industry and be able to operate seamlessly without relying on fossil fuel resources. With this in mind, they aim to individually meet and comply with any regulations or renewable energy mandates that will allow the USPA to operate coast-to-coast.

In addition to supporting the environment, USPA takes a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring the business helps communities and employees. For instance, USPA is a parent company to Kingsman Philanthropic Corp – a nonprofit funding and performing rescues of women and children from domestic violence and human trafficking since 2005. USPA donates 50% of its profits to Kingsman.

Building Sustainability Programs with Green Business Benchmark°

USPA uses the Green Business Benchmark° software to build its program and showcase its commitment to sustainability. Using the GBB software, they have identified and prioritized initiatives that reduce business waste, conserve water, improve employee wellbeing, and support local communities. Through their dedication and efforts, they achieved Platinum Certification, the highest we offer.

Human-Centered Security Guard Company

In the words of great US Marine Tom Highway, we need to “improvise, adapt, and overcome”. Following these tenants will allow USPA the ability to maintain its position as a market leader and provide the service any client is seeking” – Brian Fitzgibbons, Director of Security at USPA Nationwide Security

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