Green Business Bureau is now Green Business Benchmark°
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Take the guesswork out of sustainability management.

Identify, prioritize and execute the most impactful improvements for your organization.

Trusted by sustainability innovators

How it works

Green Business Benchmark's software allows you to tailor a sustainability program to your organization's goals. Identify and prioritize initiatives, track your progress, achieve certification, and promote your achievements.

Set Benchmarks

Establish a baseline and identify which initiatives to prioritize.

Plan & Execute

Tailor your program based on effort, impact, and investment.

Get Certified

Accumulate points to advance through certification levels.

Explore sustainability initiatives

Browse curated initiatives to customize your own unique plan that drives real results.
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Our initiatives cover:

Energy & Emissions
Water Use
Consumption & Waste
Community & Society
Workplace & Culture
Work from Home
Initiative Highlights
Built using the latest science, existing standards and frameworks, and industry regulations to ensure they drive real, meaningful impact
See how each initiative relates to global frameworks and standards (UN SDGs, ISO14001, GHG Protocol, and SASB) to help you meet ESG goals and compliance and work toward other certifications
Weighted by effort, investment, and impact
Real-time scoring as initiatives are completed to reflect where you stand and how far you need to go to reach the next certification level

Sustainability Certification

Achieve certification and publicize your commitment to sustainability.
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Earn Points
Gain points and track your progress with a sustainability scorecard.
Get Certified
Obtain bronze, silver, gold, or platinum certification.
Promote Certification
Showcase your accomplishments to the world!

Greenwashing, Gone

We take sustainability and authenticity seriously. With that in mind, all GBB customers are subject to audits to ensure accuracy and compliance.

See how we do it

Sustainability Scorecard

Earn points for what works for you rather than getting penalized for not completing what doesn't.
GBB points
Complete all prerequisites to achieve Bronze status.
Audit, assurance, & verification

Grow credibility and value through external assurance

The value of your investment in sustainability and ESG should be protected with reliable external assurance and verification of your accomplishments. All organizations certified through GBB are subject to randomized quarterly audits and verification of your claims. Subscribers seeking mandatory verification and/or have specific reporting needs use our strategic partner, Clearyst Advisory, a credible independent body of sustainability professionals who will audit, assess, and verify your reported performance.

  • Comply with external standards and guidelines
  • Demonstrate commitment and accountability
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement and confidence
  • Independently verify your sustainability activities
  • Showcase essential sustainability action and results

Advisory services

Clearyst Advisory will guide you through an efficient process to achieve your objectives for internal and external reporting purposes. The verification process will often lead to further optimization and greater sustainability performance. Clearyst Advisory will help you with:

  • Assurance, compliance, & verification
  • Carbon management & reporting
  • Research & regulatory compliance
  • Sustainability strategy & governance
  • Sourcing & procurement
  • Technology supplier compliance
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. GBB’s program is suitable for any organization at any stage of its sustainability journey. If you’re just getting started, you can choose from hundreds of initiatives with key steps and descriptions, helping you seamlessly build a sustainability program that works for you,  elevating results and ROI.

Yes. GBB has hundreds of initiatives, so even if you already have a robust program, we likely have initiatives you haven't considered. Additionally, you can mark off each initiative you have already completed to get certified for your efforts, share your certification on your website, and get recognition for your accomplishments.

GBB is unlike any other sustainability management software out there–we don’t just assign one-size-fits-all sustainability initiatives. We have hundreds of weighted initiatives with descriptions and steps so you can build a program that works for you and drives real results. We also take it a step further and certify you for your accomplishments.

GBB aligns our initiatives with globally recognized frameworks, standards, science, and industry certifications. Other certifications expect you to already be at a certain level when you begin the process. Our sustainability management software helps you build and manage your program, wherever you are in your journey,  and reach goals that will help you qualify for other certifications.

We use a proprietary framework to score each initiative based on unique effort, impact, and investment.

The software is designed to be self-guided; however, we do offer Sustainability Advisory services as a solution add-on. Contact us here if you’re interested in learning more.

Achieving GBB certification is self-paced based on your timeline, resources, goals, and budget.
If you already have a robust sustainability program, it will take less time to get to your desired certification level. If you’re just beginning, it will take more time to build a program and see results.

Your certification is dependent on a self-reporting system, so we trust you to be as authentic and transparent as possible when you mark initiatives as complete. However, we know that discrepancies still can occur. Per the terms and conditions agreed to as part of the sign-up process, all customers are subject to randomized audits. If we see something suspicious, we will reach out and set up an audit to double-check that everything is accurate.

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