Green Business Bureau is now Green Business Benchmark°.

With a new name comes exciting product enhancements. Learn more.

December 12, 2023

Green Business Bureau is now Green Business Benchmark°

By Green Business Benchmark°

Dec. 12, 2023 - Austin - The leading provider of sustainability software and measurement, Green Business Bureau announced a rebrand today, including a new company name: the Green Business Benchmark° (GBB). Powered by Clearyst°, GBB’s rebrand places a precise focus on assessment tools and strategies, including Clearyst° Advisory, to help customers identify areas of opportunity to excel while allowing for greater transparency and accountability for organizations looking to develop and execute lasting sustainability plans.

GBB’s mission is to empower organizations to accelerate their sustainability impact. In addition to a new name, the rebrand includes the following enhancements:

  • New assessment and scoring engine for organizations to set benchmarks and evaluate current sustainability practices 

  • Access to environmental, social, and governance initiatives for all subscription packages

  • Intuitive program management functions, including an “in-progress” initiative designation, to help customers track efforts, outcomes, and impact in real time

  • Profile enhancements allowing customers to showcase milestones and provide transparency to investors, consumers, and employees

  • Access to Clearyst° Advisory, a team of specialists who leverage a proprietary framework and technology to simplify sustainability planning and execution 

  • Revised subscription packages delivering increased value for current and future customers

These features are now available to all new and existing customers.

“Sustainability is top of mind globally, with 86 percent of consumers seeking sustainability action from the companies they buy from. What’s not as prevalent is a platform to guide companies with proven strategies and real-time signals measuring a sustainability plan’s success,” said Clearyst Co-CEO Paul Ghiz. “GBB fills that gap by providing an integrated application to set sustainability benchmarks and implement lasting business practices to create value for employees, customers, investors and the planet.” 

Founded in 2008 and acquired by Clearyst° in May 2022, GBB’s network now includes clients in over 60 countries on all 6 continents including Nissin Foods, Fjallraven, Bernhard, Web Hosting Canada, Hit Promotional, and Summit Coffee.


Green Business Benchmark° provides comprehensive sustainability management software that helps organizations build a sustainability program to meet their unique goals so they can create lasting, meaningful change.

Clearyst° is a technology platform company that helps businesses rapidly achieve sustainability objectives by providing modern sustainability tech and Software as a Service (SaaS) products and solutions. To learn more about Clearyst° and its family of companies, please visit

Green Business Bureau is not affiliated with, related to, or endorsed by the International Association of Better Business Bureaus or any of its local Better Business Bureaus.

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